Online identification (KYC check)

Companies and organizations in the European Union increasingly rely on digital resources to shape their business operations. Unfortunately, the risk of fraud, theft, and other digital crime is increasing exponentially. Companies and organizations increasingly depend on reliable methods to identify their customers, partners, and stakeholders online. AbSign offers a secure and advanced know-your-customer (KYC) check, especially for these situations. With our digital KYC check, you can safely and legally verify the identity of all your important customers, partners, and stakeholders. Of course, we work with the latest techniques, and we are fully certified under the strict laws and regulations of the European Union. Are you interested in our reliable online identification solution? Then contact us immediately.

A young man easily scans his face to verify his identity during an online kyc check
A young man easily scans his face to verify his identity during an online kyc check

What types of KYC checks does AbSign offer?

Companies and organizations differ in their needs and intended applications for which they need online identification. That is why we offer our KYC check on four different levels. Of course, you can easily use our KYC solution in combination with our digital signatures. In addition, we integrate with your software (eco) systems free of charge so that the current workflow of your employees can be safeguarded.


  • Scan the front and back of an identity document;
  • Particularly suitable for speeding up administrative processes and low-risk transactions


  • Use a selfie check to make sure the person matches the photo on the ID;
  • Particularly suitable for transactions that require age verification


  • Use a real-time video recording to check if the person matches the photo on the ID;
  • Since real-time videos are almost impossible to fake, it is especially suitable for high-value transactions.


  • Validate your online KYC check using a physical person;
  • Particularly suitable for companies and organizations that are sensitive to money laundering and fraud practices

Note: always choose a certified provider of online know-your-customer (KYC) checks. This way, you can be sure you are using the safest techniques and always safeguard your legal position. AbSign is certified to the highest level within EU legislation and regulations and has over 10 years of experience in identifying customers, partners, and stakeholders online.

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How do our online identification techniques work?

AbSign uses two types of techniques for online identity checks: verifying a valid identity document and a video KYC check. These techniques are safest when used in combination. Of course, our solution for online identification has been developed according to the framework and guidelines of eIDAS, which means that we comply with the strict laws and regulations of the EU to the highest level.

Identity document verification

  • Reliably establish the authenticity of an ID document by taking a photo of the front and back;
  • All the different ID documents used within the European Union are analyzed on an algorithmic basis and compared with the photos that were taken;
  • Once a positive match is found, you are guaranteed that the ID document is genuine (and not a forgery);
  • Use the ID document verification in combination with a selfie check, real-time video recording, or even a check by a physical, trained person to link the ID document to someone’s identity.

Video KYC check

  • Since it is tough to fake real time moving images, you can reliably use video to verify someone’s identity online;
  • Our secure KYC solution uses a video recording to take a “3D-selfie” of the head;
  • Our advanced KYC solution adds an extra layer of security to the video recording by asking someone to say a particular word and make a specific gesture;
  • To make the video recording AML/CFT (anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism) proof, you can choose to have it checked by a trained professional.

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What are the benefits of online KYC checks?

Benefits of an online KYC check

  • Speed: onboarding new customers often takes much time, even several weeks or months, in some sectors. A legally valid KYC check can drastically speed up this process;
  • Precision: human errors slow down your business processes and, in many cases, lead to additional costs. Our KYC solution automatically checks for errors so that they can solve them faster;
  • Costs: In addition to speeding up the onboarding process and making fewer costly mistakes, you automatically comply with EU laws and regulations. This not only reduces your (in)direct costs but also improves the scalability of your organization;
  • Flexibility: legislation and regulations are constantly changing, so you often have to change your business processes. However, workflows with an online KYC check can be adjusted quickly so that you always work up-to-date;
  • Customer experience: an online KYC check is very user-friendly for the customer. It can verify itself from any device with a camera, and from anywhere in the world, within minutes.

Benefits ABsign

  • Security: we use the latest security and encryption standards and are certified to the highest level under the strict laws and regulations of the European Union;
  • Total solution: you can easily combine the online KYC checks with our other digital signature services. We are on of the few parties in the EU that offers all services under the eIDAS regulation (laws and regulations of the EU) safely and legally;
  • Integration: we integrate free of charge with all software packages you currently use in your business. That way, your employees don’t have to make any adjustments to their current workflow, while you can still use our services;
  • Experience: AbSign has over 10 years of experience with customers worldwide. In these years, more than 5 million people have used our service, more than 30 million documents have been legally sealed, and we have digitally signed more than 7 million contracts.


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AbSign is the total solution for digital signatures, online identification (KYC), and other trust services. We have over 10 years of experience with customers worldwide and are fully legal within and outside the EU.