E-signature: the digital signature

The European eIDAS regulation (electronic identification and trust services) aims to ensure that:

  • Companies and individuals can identify themselves online in any country within the EU;
  • A European market is being created where parties can exchange, seal and¬†sign¬†messages, documents, and transactions carefree and legally.

Only parties that certify to the highest level can legally offer digital signatures and online identification solutions. The EU has drawn up strict frameworks and guidelines to guarantee the above services’ safety, reliability, and legality. In this article, we take a closer look at the techniques and the certificate behind the digital signature: the eSignature.

Wat is een eSignature (electronic signature)?

An electronic signature (eSignature) is the digital equivalent of a written signature. Individuals use an electronic signature to agree to the content of messages, documents, or transactions. Since eSignatures are developed and issued under the European eIDAS regulation, they are recognized in all countries of the EU. We distinguish three different types of electronic signatures:

Simple eSignatures

  • The fastest and easiest way to sign;
  • Also, the least secure option, as the identity of the signatory is not verified separately;
  • Low legal value.

Advanced eSignatures

  • Verifies the identity of the person signed;
  • Matches the signature specifically to the relevant message, document, or transaction;
  • Most popular form of eSignature, as it is both reliable and easy to use.

Qualified eSignatures

  • A neutral and licensed party, a so-called Trusted Service Provider, creates the signature and verifies the identity of the persons involved;
  • Most secure option as qualified signatures have the same legal value as a traditional ‘wet’ signature.

Please note that a total solution for digital signatures, in addition to the (qualified) eSignature certificate, always uses other trust services that fall under the eIDAS regulation. A digital signature is of little value if the identity of the signer is incorrectly established (eID), if the integrity of the signed document cannot be guaranteed and/or legal entities are unable to issue a security feature (eSeal) or if there is a risk of theft, damage or fraud during shipment (eDelivery). Therefore, always choose a provider of digital signatures that is fully certified under the strict laws and regulations of the EU.

Considering AbSign as your digital signature & online identity verification partner?

What are the benefits of working with eSignatures for companies and organizations?

A digital signature gives you certainty about all messages, documents, and transactions you want to send and sign digitally, both for internal processes and in contact with customers and external parties. Companies and organizations that start working with eSignature solutions will immediately enjoy the following benefits:

  • Legal validity in the EU: Qualified eSignatures have the same legal value as a traditional ‘wet’ signature and provide the highest level of legal validity in all countries of the European Union;
  • Trust and security: a total solution for digital signatures links both the identity of the signatory parties as the signed document to the posted signature. Increase confidence in transactions for all parties that are involved;
  • Less administration: if you use digital signatures, it is no longer necessary to make photocopies of documents and transactions, email back and forth with all parties involved, and/or physically invite persons to your location. Drastically reduce your administrative burden;
  • Higher involvement of partners and stakeholders: you can simultaneously ask all parties required for your transactions for their signature. You have an overview of which parties have opened, read, and signed your essential documents where necessary. In this way, you keep control over your processes, accelerate transactions within your company or business chain, and ultimately get paid faster;
  • Positive customer experience: a total solution for digital signatures is highly user-friendly for your customers, partners, and stakeholders. They can sign your important documents anytime and anywhere in the world. They do not need to download separate software or apps for this;
  • Good for the environment: digital signatures ensure that you print drastically less. They are suitable for your ecological footprint and bring you one step closer to a paper-free working environment.

Are you convinced of AbSign as your partner for digital signatures?

How does AbSign’s eSignature solution work?

AbSign offers a total solution for digital signatures and online identification. It means that we are certified to the highest level for all services under the eIDAS regulation (EU legislation and regulations). Our total package for digital signatures not only relies on eSignatures (the guarantee that a signature is genuine) but also adds eDelivery (the legally valid sending of your essential documents), eSeal (the legally valid guarantee of the content of documents and the signing process itself) and eID (validly establishing the identity of parties and persons).

1. Send

  • Securely send all your important messages, documents, and transactions to your customers, partners, and stakeholders.
  • We automatically secure and seal the content of your messages, so you can be sure that the origin of your documents and transactions is guaranteed.
  • Do you need to establish the identity of your addressees reliably and legally? Then you also have the option to add our advanced KYC check (know your customer).

2. Monitor

  • Get worry-free insight into the status of the signing process at the receiving party or parties.
  • You can monitor whether your essential messages, documents, and transactions are received, read, accepted (or rejected), whether the content has changed, etc.
  • Of course, if necessary, we can provide the above events with timestamps and geolocations.
  • Don’t worry about accessibility for your customers, partners, and stakeholders: you can read, send and sign any message and/or attachment from any device without downloading separate software or apps.

3. Certify

  • AbSign generates secure and legally valid certificates for the signing process and separate events (e.g., received, read, accepted, etc.);
  • We always maintain these certificates, even when you make adjustments and other changes to your documents and/or data. In this way, we guarantee that you can carry out business transactions within and outside the EU without any worries.

Why choose AbSign as a partner for your eSignature solution?

  • Security: we use the latest security and encryption standards and are certified to the highest level under the strict laws and regulations of the European Union;
  • Total solution: you can easily combine electronic signatures for natural persons with our other services in the field of digital signatures. We are one of the few parties in the EU that offers all services under the eIDAS regulation (laws and regulations of the EU) safely and legally;
  • Integration: we integrate free of charge with all software packages that you currently use in your business. In this way, your employees do not have to adjust their current workflow, while you can still use our services;
  • Experience: AbSign has more than ten years of experience with customers worldwide. In these years, more than 5 million people have used our service, more than 30 million documents are sealed legally, and we have digitally signed more than 7 million contracts.


Are you looking for a certified provider for your eID solution? Do you want to know more about our online KYC check? Then contact us immediately.

AbSign is the total solution for digital signatures, online identification (KYC), and other trust services. We have over 10 years of experience with customers worldwide and are fully legal within and outside the EU.