E-id: online identification

The European eIDAS regulation (electronic identification and trust services) aims to ensure that:

  • Companies and individuals can identify themselves online in any country within the EU;
  • A European market is being created where parties can exchange, seal and sign messages, documents, and transactions carefree and legally.

The EU has drawn up strict frameworks and guidelines to guarantee the safety, reliability, and legality of the above services. Only parties that certify to the highest level can legally offer digital signatures and online identification solutions. In this article, we will be looking closely at the regulation regarding identifying companies and individuals online: the eID.

Happy customer that signs his face while going through an online kyc check
Happy customer that signs his face while going through an online kyc check

What is eID (electronic identification)?

Online identification (eID) allows people to share their identities with companies, organizations, and governments safely and reliably. This will enable individuals to access and use online services in a controlled manner in any country within the EU. On the one hand, no more data is collected about the person than is strictly necessary to make a transaction, while on the other hand, the person is fully accountable for their actions.

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What are the benefits of eID for companies and organizations?

As a company or organization, it is essential that you can reliably identify your customers, partners, and stakeholders. However, the laws and regulations in this area are changing so quickly that you often risk working illegally, needing to be up-to-date, or making other mistakes. In addition, identifying customers, partners and stakeholders usually entail an enormous administrative burden. Working with a reliable solution for online identification (eID), therefore, offers the following advantages:

  • You can reliably and legally identify all your key customers, partners, and stakeholders within any EU country;
  • You drastically reduce your administrative burden;
  • You increase the speed with which you can engage customers, as they can verify themselves from anywhere and at any time;
  • You improve the customer experience, as identification through eID is very user-friendly;
  • You work according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.
  • You work according to the standards of AML/AMLD (anti-money laundering directive). That way, you prevent online fraud;
  • You work according to the standards of the PSD2 (payment service directive). You can also prevent online fraud with this.

How does AbSign’s eID solution work?

AbSign is fully certified to offer an eID solution according to the guidelines and frameworks of the eIDAS regulation. With this, you are assured of a reliable and legally valid method for online identification in every country of the EU. Below we explain how our eID solution, the so-called online know-your-customer (KYC) check, works.

1. Scan ID Document

  • Your customer scans the front and back of an identity document with the camera of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop;
  • The photos are algorithmically compared and analyzed in an international database. This establishes the authenticity of the document;
  • We always advise using the scan in combination with a video recording, as this links the ID document to a physical person.

2. Video recording

  • Your customer makes a video recording of their face. This recording is automatically compared with the identity document;
  • Video recordings are very difficult to forge and, therefore, a safe way to verify identity online;
  • You can optionally add an extra layer of security by having the customer speak a word or perform an action in real-time.

3. Physical Control

  • You can optionally have the online KYC check checked by a trained professional;
  • This option is particularly suitable for companies and organizations that are sensitive to money laundering and fraud;
  • With this option, you work according to AML/CFT (anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism) standards.

Please note: always choose a provider of eID solutions that work following the guidelines and frameworks of eIDAS (EU legislation and regulations). Although a non-certified provider may have high-security standards, they can only guarantee partial legal validity in the European Union.

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Why choose AbSign as a partner for your eID solution?

  • Security: we use the latest security and encryption standards and are certified to the highest level under the strict laws and regulations of the European Union;
  • Total solution: you can easily combine the online KYC checks with our other digital signature services. We are one of the few parties in the EU that offers all services under the eIDAS regulation (laws and regulations of the EU) safely and legally;
  • Integration: we integrate free of charge with all software packages you currently use in your business. That way, your employees don’t have to make any adjustments to their current workflow, while you can still use our services;
  • Experience: AbSign has over 10 years of experience with customers worldwide. In these years, more than 5 million people have used our service, more than 30 million documents have been legally sealed, and we have digitally signed more than 7 million contracts.


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AbSign is the total solution for digital signatures, online identification (KYC), and other trust services. We have over 10 years of experience with customers worldwide and are fully legal within and outside the EU.