eIDAS: legally conducting business transactions within and outside the EU

Want to improve the safety and efficiency of your company or organization? Carefree and legally valid business transactions within and outside the EU? Or create a great digital user experience for all your important customers, partners, and stakeholders? It’s all possible thanks to the eIDAS regulation: the European framework for electronic identification and business transactions.

A business woman that happily looks at her tablet after a conference meeting because her customers signed a contract on it
A business woman that happily looks at her tablet after a conference meeting because her customers signed a contract on it

What is eIDAS?

eIDAS is an abbreviation for “Electronic Identification, Authentication & Trust Services.” It is a European regulation that offers a framework that ensures that companies, organizations, and governments can trade and interact with each other more easily, faster and safer. Of course, these digital transactions and interactions are entirely legal and independent of the relevant European country in which they occur. The eIDAS regulation is, therefore, the most essential part of the EU’s digital agenda, as it increases and facilitates digital security and innovation among all EU Member States.

Did you know that organizations with a public function have been legally obliged since 2018 to recognize and allow electronic identities created under the frameworks and guidelines of eIDAS? This way, an EU-citizen can easily register with their eID at a foreign university, register with the relevant municipality, and receive care from the local GP.

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How does the eIDAS regulation work?

The aim of the European Union is that companies and individuals can identify themselves quickly and reliably so that they can interact with each other safely and legally (think of trade, business transactions, exchanging confidential and sensitive information, etc.). That is why, in addition to frameworks and guidelines, the EU has established strict laws and regulations that companies, organizations, and governments must comply with. All this comes together in the eIDAS principle. In concrete terms, the eIDAS consists of five different solutions, which are almost always used side by side since they are complementary to each other.


Reliably and securely establish the identity of your customers, partners & stakeholders.


Let your customers and partners easily sign messages, documents & transactions.


Ensure the source and integrity of your important documents and transactions.


Secure your transactions and shipments using timestamps and geolocations.


Send your messages, documents & transactions without the risk of theft, loss & damage.

Please note that only a so-called TSP (Trust Service Provider) may legally offer digital trust services under the eIDAS regulation. These TSPs meet the strictest security and selection criteria in the EU and are inspected annually, so you can be sure that your data and transactions are safe. Unfortunately, many providers of digital signatures and other trust services are not or only partially certified, so your signatures often turn out to be limited (or even not!) legally valid. Therefore, always check that your provider for digital signatures and other trust services is fully certified under EU laws and regulations.

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What are the benefits of eIDAS for companies and organizations?

Working with digital signatures and other trust services under the European eIDAS regulation has significant advantages for your company or organization. The most common benefits are described below. Know what eIDAS can mean for your company or organization? Then contact us without obligation.

  • Interoperability: Member States recognize the eIDs of other Member States and assure each other that they are authentic and secure. This makes it easy for companies and individuals to trade and transact between EU countries;
  • Legality: Working with digital trust services ensures that you can generate independent certificates for all necessary actions in your business. This includes customer identification, signatures, business transactions, sealing documents, exchanging information, etc. These certificates are guaranteed to be legally valid in every court of every Member State within the EU;
  • Administration: significantly fewer administrative processes within your organization. This reduces costs on the one hand and substantially increases the speed at which you can do business within your company or organization on the other hand;
  • User experience: Customers, partners, and stakeholders can identify and do business with you from anywhere, at any time. This makes the user experience significantly smoother and significantly increases customer satisfaction;
  • Security: working with solutions within the eIDAS ensures you and your organization always work according to the latest and safest digital techniques. These are not managed by just one company but are maintained and further developed by the collective network of organizations that work according to the frameworks and guidelines of eIDAS;
  • Transparency: eIDAS provides frameworks and guidelines for clear and accessible trust services that come together in a central framework. This makes the underlying technology transparent and gives IT specialists and security workers the opportunity to continuously improve and further develop the framework;
  • Trust: Whether you’re identifying customers, exchanging information, sealing data, or signing your essential documents, digital trust services allow you to take the potential risks away from you so you can focus on your business operations and what you are good at.


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